Vigil is the cloud backed asset inspection tool in your pocket.

It uses a clever combination of machine vision, cloud computing, machine learning and other little bits of genius to ensure your team is inspecting the right thing, in the right place in the right way - All while eliminating clutter, confusion and hours of admin time. 

Vigil (in the hands of a human) will inspect nearly anything - but it really shines when inspecting lots of similar things.
EDBs (Electrical Distribution Companies), Telcos and municipal services providers all have similar needs when it comes to regularly visiting, inspecting and documenting assets spread out in the field. 
Ensuring inspections are performed correctly and to a set standard is critical both to network performance, reliability and regulatory compliance requirements.

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Love your current asset management platform but want to ditch the paperwork, admin costs, delays and uncertainty of your current process?

We can do that too.
All data captured through Vigil can be passed straight to your favourite AM, ERP or GIS platform.

Don't have one - or struggle to get a feel for how you're network is doing?
That's OK too - you can use ours.

Really come to terms with your asset inspection and condition data with PRISM - vigils natively integrated big brother. 
Find out more about how PRISM works, why you'd want it and how to get it right here.

Vigil uses your inspectors current location to whittle down the list of inspectable assets to just those within a local radius. Inspectors pick the asset they're interested in then get to it.

Our local (in the phone) machine vision and cloud backed image processing systems guarantee your inspectors are looking at the right bits of the asset, from the right angles in the right order. 

Inspection processes are broken down to pass/fail questions - with photos, video and annotations to really capture the essence of an assets condition.
Faults or issues detected in the field are captured and automatically escalated for resolution - and analytics are available for tracking common faults across a particular asset type.


Whatever you're inspecting or however you want to deal with your data - we've got you covered.

Proving your teams are doing it right - and really understanding the results gives you the freedom to make better decisions, faster, cheaper and more efficiently than ever before.