Vigil is a cloud backed asset inspection tool in your pocket.

It uses a clever combination of machine vision, cloud computing, machine learning and other little bits of genius to ensure your team is inspecting the right thing, in the right place in the right way - All while eliminating clutter, confusion and hours of admin time. 

Daily vehicle inspections are now the norm - mandatory in some states - but they needn't be a headache.

Vigil takes care of your vehicle and rolling stock inspections and proves your inspectors (drivers, depot staff etc.) are fully compliant with your processes and standards.

Our app streamlines your inspection process using machine vision and/or RFID tags to verify operator locations at the time of each inspection.

Issues are captured live in the field and instantly escalated up to the right people to ensure that critical issues are addressed, resolutions can be planned ahead of time and down time is kept to a minimum.

Once your users have completed their inspections we automatically escalate issues, archive uneventful inspections and generate any reports you need to keep you in the loop.

Gain quick insights from our tailored dashboard and extract raw data to run complex analytics or populate other fleet management systems.